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_p__p_The Powerlift is the take-down of the Olympic Weightlifting model._/p_ _p_It’s a proper weightlifting shoe and also works for any lifting exercise in the gym. A great shoe for beginners and all who lift and train._/p_ _p_A reliable midsole, a strong but flexible upper and a bold strap for ultimate midfoot fixation make the powerlift an all-round lifting shoe_/p_ _p_1 Anti-slip rubber outsole for an improved stability_/p_ _p_2 high-density die-cut midsole wedge for greater stability – 25mm_/p_ _p_3 Extra strap for a reliable and proven closure system_/p_ _p_4 Flexible toe zone which brings comfort without questioning stability_/p_ _p_5 Air mesh collar and forefoot structure for an improved breathability_/p_ _p_6 Reinforced heel zone for an improved stability and safety during intensive weightlifts_/p__/p_

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adidas Powerlift 3.1 weiss greone
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